Final Major Project

Graphic Standards Manual

I dedicated my final year to design and standardize a logo for a fictional brand I had developed. The idea began as a homage to the NASA graphic standards manual developed in the late 70’s and also as inspiration for the near future spaceflights SpaceX and Amazon’s Blue Moon project. I have also always enjoyed the semiotics of branding.

The goal became to create a brand guideline for a space venturing project set for the red planet. It took many iterations to find what I was looking for but the colors were the first thing that became concrete.

I knew from the beginning that I needed to use colors that were analagous and for it to have significance to adventure, celestial planets, and futurism. The colors ar

The logo was born of the idea of the planet Mars. The circle is also idealistic to the term simplicity.. the brand is trying to become a reference for smooth simple travel without any hassle. The lines within the circle are representative to the canales that have been highlighted for centuries as prove of life, now becoming reality. The reason for the slight tilt is tribute to the real life tilt Mars has of its access.